Midlands Mass Spectrometry Group (MMSG)

Midlands Mass Spectrometry Group (MMSG)
Midlands Mass Spectrometry Group (MMSG)

The MMSG was established by Midlands Innovation, and affiliated Midlands institutions, in order to coordinate knowledge transfer and equipment sharing among universities based within the region. It brings together representatives of mass spectrometry facilities and research groups across the Midlands, applying a diverse range of knowledge and expertise including key academic researchers and facility managers. The group aims to build a regional mass spectrometry community to share best practice and provide a platform for collaborative rather than competitive bids, strengthening submissions to research councils for funding. Many of the institutions within the Midlands have research portfolios that are underpinned by the need for access to mass spectrometry and therefore it is important to complement these works by providing knowledge of and access to the vast array of facilities available. Longer term goals of the MMSG are to develop teaching resources and training opportunities that can be utilised by all. The Executive Working Committee meet on a regular basis, with intermittent user meetings and Showcase Seminar sessions organised to strengthen collaboration and ensure knowledge of the equipment and expertise available.

“The creation of the Midlands Mass Spectrometry Group provides a fantastic platform to disseminate knowledge and resources of mass spectrometry to colleagues across the Midlands. This will directly benefit the career progression of technical laboratory staff, as well as facilitate the discussions and planning of collaborative research with the view to strengthen funding applications by providing regional support. I am delighted to be the current Chair of this group and we are all extremely enthusiastic to ensure its success and are excited for the prospect of its future impact on mass spectrometry-focussed research within the Midlands.”

Dr Liam Heaney, 2020 Chair of the MMSG

Mass spectrometry facilities housed at the John and Lucille van Geest Biomarker Facility, University of Leicester (reproduced with permission)

Current members of the Executive Working Committee include:
    •  Aston University: Prof Andy Pitt (Acting Chair)
    •  University of Birmingham: Dr Andrew Lees
    •  De Montford University: Prof Sangeeta Tanna, Dr Jinit Masania
    •  Keele University: Dr Sarah Hart
    •  University of Leicester: Prof Don Jones
    •  Loughborough University: Dr Liam Heaney, Dr Matthew Turner
    •  University of Nottingham: Prof Neil Oldham, Prof Dave Barrett
    •  Nottingham Trent University: Dr David Boocock, Dr Clare Coveney
    •  University of Warwick: Dr Alex Jones, Prof Peter O’Connor
    •  Technical representatives: Dr Andrew Bottrill, Dr Ian Hancox (University of Warwick)

 For more information, please contact Professor Andy Pitt.

The MMSG 2021 Virtual Seminar Series 

MMSG began a Seminar Series in April 2021 and will run regular meetings throughout the year and beyond. The events are open to both academic and technical staff and the recordings are available HERE

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