Midlands Ophthalmic Technology Hub

Midlands Ophthalmic Technology Hub

The Ophthalmic Technology Hub aims to be a world leading centre for ophthalmic medical devices, diagnostic instrumentation and treatments for eye disease by bringing together the Midlands expertise in ophthalmology, optometry and biomedical engineering. MOTH will establish the infrastructure in the Midlands region to conduct more cutting edge research through a specialised CTU and to establish/engage with regional ophthalmic technology SMEs.

Key representatives:

    Aston University: Prof James Wolffsohn (Chair, J.S.W.Wolffsohn@aston.ac.uk), Prof Leon Davies, Dr Nicola Logan, Dr Flors Vinuela-Navarro
    Birmingham Children’s Hospital: Mr Joe Abbott, Mr Manoj Parulekar
    Leicester Royal Infirmary: Prof Martin Rubinstein
    University of Birmingham: Dr Haider Bhatt, Prof Alastair Denniston, Dr Liying Low, Dr Graham Wallace, Dr Saaez Rauz, Dr Sai Kolli
    University Hospitals Birmingham: Dr Susie Mollan, Dr Imran Masood, Richard Williams
    University of Leicester: Mr John Sandford-Smith
    University of Loughborough: Prof Pablo Ruiz
    University of Nottingham: Prof Paul McGraw
    University of Warwick: Prof Norman Waugh
    Medical Device Testing and Evaluation Centre

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