Midlands Racial Equality in Medicine Network

Midlands Racial Equality in Medicine (MREM) Network


Midlands Racial Equality in Medicine (MREM) Network

The Midlands Racial Equality in Medicine (MREM) Network aims to build connections between regional medical schools to provide both staff and students with a platform to share upcoming initiatives, disseminate research and create joint ventures. Through this platform, research related to improving racial equality and reducing the attainment gap will gain more visibility and raise the profile of the individual working groups and their members. Positive role modelling and visible commitment towards improving outcomes for ethnic minorities will inspire students and staff alike. Improving the experiences and overall graduate outcomes amongst ethnic minority medical students is the paramount objective of the Network.


By empowering staff and student collaboration, the MREM Network aims to unite institutions across the Midlands to tackle racial inequality within Medicine


  ■ To inspire medical students from ethnic minority backgrounds by increasing the visibility of role models
  ■ To provide a platform for medical schools to share best practices and collaborate on matters relating to racial equality

  ■ To foster a sense of community amongst students from an ethnic minority background across medical schools in the Midlands

  ■ To promote and collaborate on research related to reducing the attainment gap within medicine.

  ■ To embed promoting racial equality within medicine as a key principle o
f the institutions. 


The following institutions are involved of the MREM Network:
University of Birmingham Medical School
University of Buckingham Medical School
  ■ Keele University School of Medicine
  ■ University of Leicester Medical School
  ■ University of Lincoln Medical School
  ■ University of Nottingham Medical School
  ■ University of Warwick Medical School


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MREM Annual Conference
The MREM Network was launched at a fantastic hybrid conference held at Warwick Medical School on 26th February 2022 and followed by a second, and equally engaging, conference on March 11th 2023 at the University of Leicester. With agendas filled with thought-provoking and empowering speakers/workshops, each event was attended by over 100 delegates ranging from industry leaders and national stakeholders to regional student and staff representatives. The 2024 conference took place at Keele University.

Elevate Research Grant
The Elevate Research Grant is a grant of up to £1000 awarded to an ethnic minority student or student group in support of a research project relating to the goals of the network.
This award exists to support doctors from an ethnic minority background, due to their reduced likelihood of being appointed to a speciality training post when compared to white doctors (Iacobucci, 2016). Conducting, publishing, and presenting research are integral parts of the speciality training application process. Therefore, initiatives that encourage students from an ethnic minority background to conduct research will help combat the ethnicity gap within speciality training post appointments.


Email: mremnetwork@outlook.com
Facebook: @MREMnetwork
Twitter: @MREMNetwork
Instagram: @MREMNetwork



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